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The Part V Agreement includes requirements by the Launceston City Council related to streetscape trees, landscaping within the subdivision and adjoining the Punchbowl Reserve and the geology of the subdivision.

In legal terms, the current S71 pursuant to LUPA 1993 Agreement is registered as D 64054 and was last executed 18 February 2015. The previous S71 Agreement C892038 is at an end and is the process at LTO of being finalised.

Part V (Section 71) Agreement

Annexure A

Planning Permit

Annexure B

Geotechnical Assessment Report Part 1 of 4

Geotechnical Assessment Report Part 2 of 4

Geotechnical Assessment Report Part 3 of 4

Geotechnical Assessment Report Part 4 of 4

Annexure C

Landscape Plan & Buffer Area


The Punchbowl Reserve is part a fire managed area and the Launceston City Council (LCC) has in place a bushfire hazard management plan.
This includes a burning program for fuel reduction. This is not undertaken every year.
The Reserve also comprises of maintained lawns and open park land.

The surrounding reserve area is therefore classified as MANAGED LAND and BAL Level is LOW.

The LCC has the prime responsibility to maintain appropriately the native and scenic protection values of the Reserve.





Eastmans Green is a very desirable location. A quiet subdivision backing onto the Punchbowl Reserve, the ultimate location for family safety and living in the leafy suburb of Newstead with bike and walking trails and connected parks.

There are three elevated blocks of land at the top end of Marion Avenue that have fabulous views.

The planning and design principles that have driven the subdivision of Eastmans Green include:

• Working with the landform in the layout of roads and allotments
• Incorporation of significant site features
• Careful consideration of natural systems
• Provision of diverse housing styles and types
• Lot layout which maximises solar access to private open space

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FREE – Site Classification Report with each lot purchased.

The site classification report completed in accordance with Australian Standard 2870:2011 Residential slabs and footings is a requirement for all new houses in Australia.

We engaged respected Tasmanian engineering geologist Bill Cromer to provide us with site classification reports for each lot available for sale within the subdivision. Bill previously compiled the initial geotechnical reports for the subdivision in 2009 and 2011 as required by Launceston City Council.

The reports are in two parts. Part 1 describes and classifies soil conditions on your lot and Part 2 describes general soil conditions common to the whole Eastmans Green subdivision.

The reports will save you considerable money and time as all the necessary site issues will be answered and available to your home designer and engineer when drawing up your plans.

The site classification report is also ready to hand over to the Launceston City Council as part of your planning and building application.

Each report includes besides the site classification, a geotechnical summary and a required wind classification in accordance with Australian Standard 4055:2006 Wind loads for houses.

House sites are classified as Class A, S, M, H1, H2, E or P. See a checklist.  See Checklist.      Most of our lots have an AS2870 Site Classification of class P.

This is normal situation for many hillsides in Launceston. The risks are very low to low during and after the build when good engineering principles are implemented.

Have a look at the new fabulous housing in the immediate area and you will see the excellent work of designers and engineers.

The value of this reporting is at least $3,000 and in consultation with a suitably experienced engineer, a cost effective foundation can be drawn up saving more dollars. For example, on hillsides, piered footings in lieu of supporting a concrete slab can be a better alternative as it avoids expensive excavations.

And further, you can build light weight constructed homes on the piers to take an advantage of the views and secure extra privacy.

Soil Test Reports

Example SITE CLASSFICATION REPORT for Eastmans Green

Geotechnical Notes to accompany your free report


Subdivision Reports

Geotechnical Report April 2009    This is an extract and if require a full copy to include the further 100 pages, please contact.

GeoTechnical Report May 2011

Useful information to help you build and maintain your new home.

Australian Geoguides Website            A set of plain-English information sheets for all Australian home owners and occupiers by the Australian Geomechanics Society, the country’s foremost geotechnical organisation.

CSIRO Foundation Maintenance